IUG Has been Granted Four Projects in Erasmus Mundus Program

IUG Has been Granted Four Projects in Erasmus Mundus Program

The Islamic university of Gaza has been granted for four projects related to Erasmus Mundus program.
The European Commission announced the results of the projects that were submitted for the competition within the Erasmus Mandus for the year 2012 – 201.


For the first time to be for a Palestinian university, The Islamic University of Gaza has the grant of coordinated partner for PHOENIX project with the University of Almeria in Spain and a partner in HERMES, PEACEII and AvempaceIII projects that are related to scholarships.


The activities of those projects will be started in October 2014; some will be lasted for four years. The projects will offer 120 scholarships to Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in addition to offering fund for scientific research and offering help to attend training courses for academic and administrative staff at the partners’ universities.


These projects are included within 34 projects applied by the University for Various Programs supported by the European Union for the year 2012 – 2013.


The University participated in those four projects in collaboration with 88Palestinian partner, Arab and European, including 45 European partnersas a representatives of Universities and international institutions (26 universities, 19 international institutions in 9 European countries and twoArab countries); and thus, IUG partnerships will be 117 distributed into 16 European Union countries and 5 neighboring Arab countries including Palestine.

 It is noteworthy that Erasmus Mundus program funded by the European Union to promote academic exchanges between the countries of the European Union and neighboring countries including: Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and  Syria, 
to the BA, MA,  and PhD levels , in addition to academic and administrativestaff training.