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IUG Mobility Student Takes Part in a Cultural Evening at Humboldt

  • 07.17.2019

One of IUG students delivers a lecture about the history, culture and civilization of Palestine at Humboldt University in Germany during a Cultural Evening.

In coordination with the Palestinian Embassy in Germany, Alaa Al-Udaini, IUG mobility student at Humboldt University, has participated in a Palestinian Cultural Evening, entitled " History, Civilization and Culture" which is held for the first time at Humboldt in the German Capital Berlin. Welcoming the audience, appreciating their existence, Dr. Alaa showed much gratitude to the IUG international mobility programs which led him to stand right on the Evening stage at Humboldt University. He has been indulged for 10 months in a rich cultural environment, where he has exposed to different experiences, languages, cultures and natures in one of greatest and oldest universities in the world. "This Experience has added a lot to my knowledge", this was his comment on his journey. The PhD student had loads of information to present as his participation was precisely about Palestine. 

He accompanied people to the old Palestinian cities, using his knowledge as a camera to flash on the cultures and traditions which go back to thousands of years ago. As a mobility student, he encountered problems to reach Humboldt University as he suffered a lot at the borders, mentioning the aftermaths of the imposed siege on most of Gaza students.

The tremendous Evening has been attended by the Palestinian Ambassador in Germany Dr. Kholoud Daeibes in addition to a visiting delegation from the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, plus a large  number of interested people from Humboldt and mobility student. Responding on Alaa's speech, the Palestinian Ambassador Dr. Khouloud Daibes said: "Such events reflects the overall objective of the mobility programs which is to foster the awareness about the multiplicity of cultures and activation of individual roles in the community". The Ambassador has met with other mobility students at German universities, thanking them for their interaction and their affiliation to the Palestinian issue.

The Evening was penetrated by a vibrant and catchy film which displayed about the most well-known icons of Palestine: the Dabka, the popular Palestinian dishes and the embroidered Palestinian dresses.