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IUG Internationalization Strategy

IUG Internationalization Strategy

Our aspiration for 2020-2024 is to:” Internationalizing the university and to further enhance our global presence towards achieving a competitive advantage.”

Through this plan, the university anticipates to strengthen and expand its network with academic and international institutions working in the field of education and research in various countries of the world. This vission will be achieved through the following strategic programs: 

  1. Enhancing the university’s networking capacity
  2. Diversify partnerships and academic network
  3. Improving the university’s rank internationally
  4. Enhance the university brand

Partnerships Projects

IUG has project partnerships with more than 120 European universities and research centers located in 25 EU countries as part of participation in 47 EU-funded multilateral and bilateral programmes including Erasmus+, Al-Mqadisi (France), Appear (Austria), HEI ICI (Finland) NORPART (Norway), Nuffic (Netherlands) CLOCs (Swiss), British Academy, British Council (UK) and Culture for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace (CUSP).

Academic Exchange

Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport which builds on the achievements of more than 25 years of European programmes in these fields, covering both an intra-European as well as an international cooperation dimension.
This program framework will run in the period from 2020-2026.


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