Academic Exchange with the University of Glasgow for Bachelor and Master Students

Academic Exchange with the University of Glasgow for Bachelor and Master Students

The External Relations Department at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) announces the availability of 24 International Credit Mobility Opportunities for IUG Bachelor and Master students  with University of Glasgow in the UK under the EU-funded Erasmus Plus- International Credit Mobility Project.

Available Faculties and Majors:   

1.      The Faculty of Medicine

2.      Faculty of Engineering, including all its departments.

3.      Faculty of Science, including all its departments.

4.      Faculty of Nursing

5.      Faculty of Commerce

6.      Faculty of Arts

7.      Faculty of Education

8.      Faculty of Shari’a and Law

Note: Academic Exchange opportunities are going to be announced soon for the students of Faculty of Information Technology.


1.      Period: one or two semesters (5-10) months

2.      Grant Amount:

·         Monthly Subsistence: 850 ERU (approximately 750 GBP)

·         Travel Allowance: 850 ERU (approximately 750 GBP)


1.      The applicant should be currently a regular student in IUG studying any of the aforementioned majors.

2.      The CGPA of the applicant should not be less than 85% at the date of his/her application.

3.      For Bachelor Students: The applicant should have successfully completed 35 credit hours at least, and his/her remaining hours should not be less than 30.

4.      For MA Students: The applicant should have successfully completed 6 credit hours at least, and his/her remaining hours should not be less than 9, excluding the credit hours of complimentary dissertation.

5.      Proof of English Language Competence

·         TOFFEL (470 minimum)

·         ILETS (5 minimum)

·         Level 9 according to AMDIEAST’s system

If the applicant cannot provide any, he/she should take English Language level test in the Deanship of Community Services and Continuing Education, and his/her score should be 9 at least. 

Selection Criteria:

Nominees will be selected according to:

1.      Majors and Faculties as mentioned above

2.      Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

3.      Motivation Letter

4.      English Language Proficiency

5.      Interview in English for those who are initially pre-selected.

6.   Filling in the learning agreement, which includes all the courses the applicant will study in the University of Glasgow, and the equivalent courses that will be recognized in IUG.   

You can download the learning agreement from the following link:


1.      The courses that the applicant studies and successfully completes in the University of Glasgow will be fully recognized with equivalent courses from the study plan of the student at IUG, which should be listed in the learning agreement. The learning agreement should be agreed on and approved (previously) by the head of the academic department the student belongs to and also by the External Relations in IUG.

2.      Priority will be given to master students according to the terms of the agreement with the University of Glasgow.

If you are interested, and all the eligibility criteria are applicable, please fill in the application here.

For more information, please visit the University of Glasgow Website here

Or do not hesitate to get in touch with the External Relations at the email: or on the internal phone number: 1016

The External Relations- IUG