Travelbird Scholarship

Travelbird Scholarship


The winner of this scholarship will receive a monetary award of €3,000 and qualify for an internship position for 3-6 months at TravelBird headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This internship will give the student an opportunity to work for an international startup and gain useful and relevant work experience within the industry. To apply for this scholarship you need to answer the following question as thorough as possible:

“What has been your most inspirational travel experience?”

We would like to encourage you to think carefully and approach the question from as wide, creative or inspiring a perspective as possible. Your application will be accepted in a variety of different types of formats, from videos to essays. Please go to TravelBird website to read more about the scholarship and how to apply: or email

Other Criteria

Student must be:

– Undergraduate level of study (No specific degree required)

– Enrolled in a participating university (please check website for list)

– 18 years or over – Fluent in English – All nationalities welcome, however only entries in the following languages will be accepted: English, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.

Submission Deadline: May 31st 2016

Field(s) of Study: Unrestricted

Award Amount: €3,000 (Roughly $3350)