Exchange Opportunity With Granada University

Exchange Opportunity With Granada University

Exchange Opportunity With Granada University

External Relations at Islamic University of Gaza IUG seeks a candidate for exchange with Granada University in Spain through (Erasmus Plus). 
An exchange student can attend 5 months course at Granada University. Courses will be recognized by home university.

Candidates should have 

· Completed the first year of undergraduate study at a rate of at least 80%.

· Pass the interview in English for those who are selected.

· Proficiency in English language (IELTS or TOEFL).

-Attach a motivation letter in their application.

-Priority will be given to students master the Spanish language.

The study begins in the second quarter of the academic year 2015/2016 dated Feb., 2016.

Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to match the courses taught at Granada with courses from his \her study plan in reference to the academic department.
 For those meet the requirements send your information no later than 23rd November,2015 to:




University transcript:


E mail:

IELTS or TOEFL certificate:

Passport copy:

Motivation letter:

External Relations
Islamic University of Gaza

Course Semester CEFR3
Courses taught in English at Granada (2nd semester)

Political Systems Of The Maghreb Political Science 1 B1
Human Rights, Equality And Rights
Protection Systems
Law 1 B1
Pharmacy 1 B1
Mathematical Methods Ii Physics 1 B1
Petrology Geology 1 B1
Developmental Psychology Primary Education 1 B2

Sociology Of Education Primary Education 1 B2
Basic Mathematics For Primary Education Primary Education 1 B2
Teaching And Learning In The Visual And
Plastic Arts
Primary Education 1 B2
Learning Difficulties Primary Education 1 B2
Didactic And Technological Resources
Applied To Primary Education
Primary Education 1 B2
Practicum I Primary Education 1 B2
Molecular Pathology Pharmacy 1 B2
Design And Analysis Of Electoral
Political Science 2 B1
Administrative Procedure Law Law 2 B1
Fundamentals Of Astrophysics Physics 2 B1
Mathematical Methods Iii Physics 2 B1
Fieldwork I Geology 2 B1
Didactics: Teaching Theory And Practice Primary Education 2 B2
Addressing Diversity In Primary Education Primary Education 2 B2
School Organisation Primary Education 2 B2
Teaching And Learning Of Mathematics In
Primary Education
Primary Education 2 B2
Foreign Language And Its Didactics
Primary Education 2 B2
Delivering Tutorials In Primary Education Primary Education 2 B2
Music Education Primary Education 2 B2
Theory Of Democracy: Gender And
Political Science 2 B2
International Organizations 
Political Science 2 B2