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An International Delegation Visits the Center of Women's Studies at IUG

  • 10.02.2019

An international delegation visited the Woman's Studies Center of the Faculty of Education at IUG in order to understand and study the needs of the Center for the next phase and to see the possible interventions in the field of women's empowerment in the Gaza Strip.

The visiting delegation included: Ms. Astrid Winn, Head of the Office of the Austrian Representative in Palestine, Ms. Catherine Fischer, Gender and Development Advisor, and Ms. Marisie Gomond, Special Representative of UN-Women. Mr. Louay Al-Haddad, Director of the Gaza Program from the Office of the Austrian Representative, and Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Assouli, Director of Programs, UN-Women.

The delegation was received by: Prof. Ibrahim Al-Astal, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Khaled Al-Hallaq, Dean of External Relations, Prof. Sanaa Abu Daqqa, Project Manager, Dr. Sumaya Saima, Director of the Center for Women's Studies, Eng. Amani Al-Maqadma, Head of Foreign Relations Department, and Mr. Maisara Al-Qishawi, Public Relations Department.

Eng. Amani presented a number of the main objectives of the center and the most important activities that have been implemented since its inception - twenty-six months ago - which focused on building academic and research competence in the field of woman's affairs. 

Prof. Abu Daqqa confirmed that as part of the center's future plan, a number of international meetings will be held in the qualitative research methodology, and an international conference will be held in March 2020 in which Palestinian universities will participate in addition to Grass University in Austria.

Also, she highlighted the future needs of the Center, including the provision of partial scholarships for female students, developing the capacities of female workers in higher education institutions, and providing support for the development of a "research map" to organize research in the field of women's affairs. This visit culminated in another visit to the woman's library of the center in order to review the books and keep up with contemporary woman's issues.