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IUG Romor team participated in a training in Austria

  • 09.30.2019

A team from the Islamic University of Gaza arrived in Vienna, Austria to participate in a training workshop aimed at a group of academics and administrators at the university. It is to train academics on the development of plans for the management of research data and to train administrators in scientific research and computer center on the evaluation of institutional repositories in preparation for obtaining the accreditation of trusted repositories.

 It was organized during the period from 6 to 13 September 2019 within the project of the management of scientific research outputs through the institutional repositories accessible in the Palestinian higher education institutions "Romor" funded by the European Union - Erasmus + program. The team consists of Dr. Rawia awadalla, the manager of the project,  Prof. Bassam El Sakka, Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies at the University, Prof.Samir Afifi, and Dr. Anwar Awadallah, member of the project team.

The group of administrators of the university include: Mr. Mohammed Hamad - Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, Mr. Mazen Al-Jamal - Deanship of Graduate Studies, Mr. Hammam Al-Nabahin, Mr. Ahmed Fares, Mr. Alaa Ahmed, and Mr. Khalid Jabr - from the Department of Information Technology.

 In turn, Dr. Awadallah pointed out that the Islamic University has worked since the beginning of the project to make the project successful and provide a unique and qualitative experience and come up with the best results at the scientific and applied level and strive to provide Palestinian universities participating in the project with qualitative experiences and the development of sustainable institutional research repositories.

The visit dealt with several meetings with research centers for data management. The European experience in the field of research data management in the European Union countries was recognized. A number of team members visited one of Vienna's largest research centers and learned about the most important scientific research topics related to the internet of things and information security.