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Culmination of Tireless Efforts in Mobility Projects: A Visit to Glasgow

  • 07.31.2019

The Foreign Relations Deanship posted on Facebook that the IUG Foreign Affairs team has managed to pay a visit to the University of Glasgow by facilitation from Erasmus+ for academic mobility. The team has contained the Dean of Foreign Relations Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen, the Vice-President for Foreign Affairs Prof. Nazmi Al-Masri, the Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs Prof. Hisham Madi in addition to the head of international Relations Eng. Amani Maqadma. The aim of the visit is to celebrate the Foreign Affairs team for their tireless effort in managing two of big mobility projects in Palestine: the total number of students who won this opportunity reached 54, while the administrative and academic chances reached 30

Prof. Muhaisen confirmed: "the story of the mobility project has started with a cooperative proposal submitted by the two universities and then following up students' exchange. Eventually, the project is ending this month and this visit culminates both universities efforts".    which comes on the top 11 university among the British universities. 

The visit, continuing for ten days, started with an interview with Mr. Bell, the EAST project director and coordinator of mobility project. Also, they met with the Dean of internationalization and globalization in the University of Glasgow Prof. Paul Garside as well as meeting with the director of Glasgow summer schools. These meetings searched the ways of cooperation and planning for mutual international activities between the two Universities.

The visit included the commencement of EAST 5 Project, the IUG- Glasgow virtual exchange, which is convened this year for the fifth time, respectively. Convening this project, 170 Glasgow students and 60 IUG students will jointly work together in partaking their ideas.

The EAST 5 Project enhances the ability of the students joining this program in the field of communication and interaction using the English language. In addition, it shows the ordeals of the Gazans in the Gaza strip, in which students create innovative solutions yet realistic ones during 5 weeks. This in turn creates minds participating in solving crucial issues using whatsoever materials they have and using the available technology as well

eworthy that since the establishment of the Foreign Affairs Office, it has taken upon itself paving diverse ways of development for the sake of globalizing the IUG. The Glasgow international relations office has revealed profound realization for the IUG and its students as the results showed that they have been distinguished among various students who came to Glasgow from different zones of the globe.