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A Training Visit to TechMinho Center Within Erasmus+ Project

  • 07.22.2019

Within Erasmus+ Project, Mr. Belal Abu Ras, Research Project's Coordinator at IUG Higher Studies Deanship, has done a training mobility visit to TechMinho in the University of Minho- Portugal- with a view of supplementing the  Islamic University with advanced expertise and new practices in the scientific research field of transferring technology.

Generally speaking, mobility visits aim at improving the personnel capacities and exchanging the culture of scientific research as well as developing strong partnerships and cooperation with international universities and it has extended to identifying the mechanisms of reinforcing the entrepreneurship role among students .


The visit aimed at providing the Islamic University with advanced experience in the field of technology transfer and innovation, in addition to transferring and exchanging experiences and best practices in institutionalizing the work of scientific research and distinguished of working in three main units in TecMinho.

 The first of which was the Intellectual Property and Patent Unit (IP and Patents) which deals with registration of patents for employees and students at the University of Minho. The second of which was the Commercialization Unit, in which Mr. Abu Rasa has received his training in the ways of linking new patents to private sectors which interested in investment. The third of which was Entrepreneurship Unit which is responsible for managing the relationship with private sector institutions which are interested in new innovations especially the companies that founded on the scientific research outputs. 

Ms. Walla Safi, Coordinator of mobility projects in IUG Foreign Affairs, confirmed that IUG is keen to offer annually as large numbers of mobility projects as possible. These projects have a lot to do with improving the quality of work and understanding the policies of training and teaching in the world's universities.