International Cooperation 

-Currently, IUG has project partnerships with more than 130 European universities and research centers located in 21 EU countries as part of its participation in more than 40 EU-funded multilateral and bilateral programmes including Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+ , Al Mqadisi (France), Appear (Austria) and Horizon 2020.

- IUG has also partnerships with more than 66 Palestinian and Arab universities located in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Tunisia.

-IUG is a coordinator of three EU-funded projects under Erasmus+ and Appear programmes. E+ projects are funded under Erasmus plus program - KA2 Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education (CBHE). These projects are:

o Appear: “Strengthening Higher Education Capacities in Palestine for Gender Equality “ (SHE- GE )2017-2020.

o E+ KA2:"Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions"(BERC)2015-2018.

o E+ KA2: "Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in Palestinian Higher Education"( ROMOR) 2016-2019.