About International Relations

At the beginning of 2007, External Relations Affairs has been launched as a new unit at The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) committed to the promotion of the IUG international role in cooperation with different deaneries, units and centers at IUG. According to IUG strategic plan(2016-2019), External Relations' ultimate goal is developing and investing the university's relations and its local, regional, and international partnerships in terms of quality and diversity. 

The main goal can be achieved through the following specific objectives:

· Improving the university's ability to networking and investment of grants and funding opportunities.

· Strengthening and diversifying the university's External Relations as well as its academic and research partnerships.

· Increasing opportunities for fruitful domestic and international economic partnerships along with external investment    projects.

External Relations Affairs performs several activities:


·Enhancing IUG graduates and academic staff skills and abilities to pursue international scholarships.

·Following up cooperation protocols with national, regional and international academic institutions.

·Following up implementation of cooperation agreements with national, regional and international academic  institutions.

·Expanding IUG memberships in regional and international academic networks.


In the context of its increasing external relations, IUG has project partnerships with more than 130 European universities and research centers located in 17 EU. Also, it has partnerships with more than 20 Palestinian and Arab universities in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Tunisia. Moreover, 6 UN organizations support IUG projects including: TLO, UNDP, WHO, UNRWA, UNICEF, and UNESCO.


Locally, IUG has been receiving financial support from a number of regional and international institutions as the World Bank, British Council- Palestine, ICRC, OFID, OPEC, ANERA, Helpage, Qatar Red Crescent, and other institutions.


As part of its mission, IUG works to provide help and support for needy Palestinian students funded by International donors such as: Interpal UK, Islamic Help UK, Viva Palestine Malaysia, and many other international donors.


Overall, gained support and donation will basically play an important role in:


1. Providing high of quality learning, teaching, and research services.

2. Enhancing life quality in Gaza and Palestine.

3. Contributing to the development of local community.