Project Title  
Training program for “Capacity building for staff of Ministry Of Social Affairs in etiquette and how to deal with clients”.(2013-2014)
British Council: Education Scholarships For Palestinians-HESPAL (2012-2016)
Qatar Red Crescent :Improving access of deaf and hearing impaired students to higher education in Gaza Strip(2015-2016)
UNRWA: Site Engineers Capacity Building Program at Construction Projects(2013-2014)
UNRWA: Developing the managerial accounting approach for the embroidery Center(2013)
Qatar Red Crescent :Preparing a Strategic Plan for the Health Sector in Gaza Strip(2012-2013)
Welfare Association: Entrepreneurs 1 (Supporting Innovative Ideas in the ICT Sector) (2010-2011)
TIKA, Turkish Government: (Irada) Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Project for Disabled of Gaza (2012-2013)
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA): Technical Training program for Industrial Sector (2011-2012)
International Labour Organisation (ILO): Creative Furniture Design: Diversifying Skills for Women Architects in Gaza(2015)
International Labour Organisation (ILO): Skills Development Training Program (2011)
World Health Organization (WHO): Higher diploma in psychological and community health(2012)
UNRWA: Provision of training in "project management" for ICIP(2014-2016)
UNRWA:Capacity Building Training on Special Education for Persons with Disabilities(2014)
UNRWA: Training courses in management for Relief & Social Services Programme (RSSP)(2014-2015)
Symposium on Child Protection: Current and Future
French Consulate: Preserving Tell Umm Amer archaeological Site in Gaza
Organizing jointly two international conferences on architecture heritage in 2007 - 2008
Organizing Exhibition and Festival Celebrating World Heritage Day
Restoratıon of Alaskka house Gaza old city
Enhancing capabilities of Palestinian universities academic staff in Gaza Strip
Enhancing capabilities of academic staff at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG)
Process Re-Engineering project
Mathematics teachers for developing the education at higher education institution
Improvement the quality of university biotechnology programme
Training English language primary school teachers in Gaza Government schools
Innovators” Supporting University creative student project"(2011-2013)
Training program for "Capacity building and awareness raises to improve the well-being of vulnerable old people in the Gaza Strip
Improved education quality for the visually impaired project through providing special programs and devices for visually impaired students
Support Entrepreneurs and start-up companies at Gaza Strip
Professional Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Applications
Entrepreneurs 2
Training on Advocacy and Campaigning
Restoratıon of Alaskka house Gaza old city
Urgent Consolidation for 4 historic buildings effected by 2009 war
Urgent Consolidation for 4 historic buildings effected by 2014 war
Immunization Coverage Assessment Study in the Gaza Strip
Documenting the damages of the cultural heritage after the Israeli aggression on Gaza 2014
Organizing jointly two international conferences on architecture heritage in 2007 - 2008
Developing the Old City of Gaza (Restoring Historical residential houses)