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Within E+ ICM, Academic Delegation From Siena University Visits IUG

  • 01.24.2019

Within the International Credit Mobility project funded by Erasmus Plus Programme, an academic delegation from University of Sienna- Italy has visited IUG to discuss future networks and expand the circle of partnership and increase of numbers of students and academics benefited from the mobility projects.

The diligent delegation consisted of Prof. Gabriele Usberti, Prof. Fabio Mugnaini, Prof. Nadia Marchettini, Dr. Candida Calvo Vicente, Mrs. Anne Rohozinsky, Ms. Stefania Griccioli, Ms. Daniela Rossi from Sienna University. The Sienna members landed in front of the Administrative Building where they were met by the IUG officials and deans.

The President Meeting Room was witnessing deep discussions about the culture of both universities related to the retirement system and employment. Then they turned the stern to the challenges that face students in terms of travel's costs and time. They also handled some topics related to the multi-regional projects and multi-cooperative agreements with other universities that would lead to more progress and development. Moreover, one of the delegation's members deliberated further networks that could include Master Degree in the coming mobility projects. She reported that Siena University has already a Master degree in Mathematics which is included in Mobility projects with other universities. Plus, l there will be a collaboration in staffs' mobility for training and research projects. All of the outputs of the meeting will n. be signed in a memorandum of understanding soon

The last stage was for prof. Fabio Mugnain, cultural Anthropologist, who delivered  a worthy lecture, entitled, "At home in  Italy; Italian Contemporary Popular Life and Culture".

The lecture was about the culture and comparison of the old history and contemporary life of Italy. During his display, he showed a song about the "Italian Diaspora" which was Composed in 1972 after the Italian immigration. However, Italy has always populated by new people, new cultures, identities, as he mentioned. Sienna Professor asserted that the challenge for the Italian future and for Italian democracy is to avoid the death in the Mediterranean Sea and some social problems that have not solved yet. 

He mentioned that Naples had a great and symbolic value in Italy, for it was a kingdom capital for Europe at the past. This city was a place of social difference in which neighbors who were sharing the same place had not shared the same condition. Finally, he said that Italy was of a Young Nation, for the history of it was too short.