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IUG Participates In the First Malaysian Conference For Promoting Education

  • 01.22.2018

During his participation in the First International Conference for Promoting Educational Opportunities in Malaysia, IUG Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. Nasruddin Sadiq Al-Muzaini confirmed the necessity of gathering momentum for supporting education, mentioning that education is everyone's right. In case this potential gone out, future of universities will be threatened not only the students themselves, as he described.   

Prof. Muzainy clarified that universities relies primarily on student's fees. Continuing speech: "Universities would not be able to provide services unless students pay the fees".

The conference, in which more than 30 countries have participated, came up with a series of recommendations, including:

1.   Focus attention on the humanitarian action oriented to the educational sector since it plays a critical role in the conflict areas.

2.  Stress on employing considerable successful experiences in the education fields in a way that promotes opportunities in the conflict areas. 

3. Strengthen cooperation and complementary between institutions active in humanitarian work especially in serving the educational sector. 

4. Work on enhancing education-targeted projects as they have a positive impact on achieving the sustainability of educational institutions.