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Turkish Ambassador Visits IUG

  • 12.20.2017

In a visit aimed at enlightening about the operation of the Turkish-Palestinian Hospital, Al-Sadaqa; the Turkish Ambassador of Palestine, Gurjan Türk Oglu, expressed his appreciation over the topnotch projects and programs incubated by the Islamic University in Gaza.  He praised the truthful and deep information IUG provides to its partners and stakeholders, attributing that to the good reputation the Islamic University enjoys among the Turkish society on the official and institutional levels. To strengthen the relationship with IUG, He revealed his intention to cooperate and support by every mean the educational process and the fields that can serve the Palestinian community.

His Excellency Ambassador had arrived the Gaza Strip in accompany with a delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Teka Foundation headed by Dr. Salam Kleke, Director General of the Directorate General for Foreign Relations and the European Union. The delegation received from the Islamic University by the IUG president Prof. Nasser Farahat, Dr. Mohamed Al-Aakluk, Vice President of the Board of Trustees, and other members of the Board of Trustees.

Prof. Farahat appreciated the clear imprint of Turkey at the Islamic University, referring to Irada project for rehabilitation and vocational training for people afflicted in the wars and persons with disabilities. He also valued the deep relationship between the Turkish and Palestinian peoples through operating the University Hospital Al-Sadaqa.

Prof. Farahat detailed about the vast network of relations between the university and many institutions inside and outside Palestine, referring to the academic, physical and research phases the Islamic University has been living in.

The ambassador had the chance to look at the IUG museum, Deaf program, Irada Project, and the Turkish-Palestinian hospital Al-Sadaqa.