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Information Workshop on Erasmus+ call for proposals

  • 11.28.2017

At the Conference meetings in the Administration Building, the External Relations Affairs has held an information workshop on Erasmus+ program, in the presence of Vice Dean of external relations Dr. Wesam Ashour, and the head of External Relations Depatment Eng. Amany Al-Maqadma.

Dr. Ashour confirmed that the purpose of holding such meetings is rotating around bridging the gap to engage the academics so that can be benefited

., in an optimum way from the partnership programs. The role of External relations centered on activating the participation through holding workshops and give support in preparing the applications and find the suitable partners for each project.

Eng. Amany AL -Maqadma gave a presentation about the national priorities of Palestine in Erasmus+ program; especially for Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education sector. She clarified that this sector includes curriculum development, management improvement of HEI and Development of HE links within society.  The presentation also tackled two types of projects in the Field of Capacity Building they are: (1. Joint Project which focuses on HEI and works on three parts: Curriculum Development, University Governance, and Links between HE institutions and the wider economic and social environment. (2. Structure Project which focuses on two sectors (a. modernization of Policies and Governance management of HE (b. links between HE systems and the wider economic and social environment. The presentation displayed some examples of Joint Projects' activities, some of which are: development of testing and adaption, and organizing staff training.

This workshop ensures that the External Relations Fulfills its responsibilities in increasing opportunities for fruitful domestic and international economic partnerships along with external investment projects.