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Cooperative Agreement With H.E To Support Scientific Research

  • 11.11.2017

Greatness through ongoing improvements of the educational process," said Dr. Sabri Saidam upon signing the cooperative agreement with IUG to support the scientific research. The signature put the scientific research support on H.E top priorities, where it also aimed at containing the youths' eagerness for bettering 

the Knowledge & research by themselves in the Palestinian universities.


Serving the scientific research in Palestine, Dr. Saidam has signed the agreement with Prof. Nasser Farahat, in the presence of Dr. Jawad Awad, Minister of Health, Dr. Mafid El Hassaineh, Minister of Public Works and housing, Prof. Nasreddin Al-Muzaini, Chairman of IUG Board of Trustees, Prof. Mazen Haniya, Dean 

of Scientific Research and Higher Studies.

Dr. Saidam stressed the agreement signature matched up with the vision of the ministry declared at the very 

beginning of this academic year, clarifying that the vision fundamentally focused on the scientific research.  "Our Sayings and workings are correlated. Today we came to IUG with (1.7) million Shekel to support the scientific research. 


According to the agreement, the subsidy is specialized for:

·         Support efforts help advance capacities in the scientific research fields.

·         Consider research outputs as resources of Higher Education.

·         Orient H.E institutions to coordinate with Public& Privet Companies.

·         Enhance the research projects of Entrepreneurs that serve development purposes in Palestine.