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Five-Months-Mobility of IT Student

  • 10.16.2017

From Feb2017 to June 2017, IT student has finished his five-month period of Mobility in University of Warsaw, Poland. Such Mobility projects enable students to acquire: skills, experiences, cultures,  recognition & awareness of the world. However, he had arrived late due to challenges of travel, Ali Al-Hasni was able to engage the hosted faculty at Warsaw, and fulfill courses assigned for him successfully. Because of the nature of IT disciplines, the focus was much more on the practical side rather than the theoretical one.

About his non-academic achievements, he, successfully, passed The Polish language, which was an opportunity for him to know other mobility-students with different cultures involved in Erasmus Plus program. He participated in a documentary film entitled: "We Are Here". It portrays the hard times and tough conditions Gazans have been living in. Furthermore, Ali enrolled in a training course for learning swimming.

Before receiving his acceptance at Erasmus Plus Program, he had participated in volunteering initiatives in summer 2017 such as a workshop entitled of "Brave Youth". This journey was totally unique and informative.

Ali Al-Hasni expressed his great gratitude to the Islamic University, especially, external Relations department for providing such rich-projects to students.