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Designs of "Reconstruction Of Destroyed Palestinian Villages" Blossom In London

  • 09.17.2017

 As usual, IUG wins second place in an international contest for "Reconstruction Of Destroyed Palestinian Villages" redesigned by a graduate from Architecture Department at IUG, Zakaria Al- Assar; organized by the Palestinian Land authority in the British capital, London; and headed by Dr. Salman Abu Sitta. The contest targeted the best design of Reconstruction of Palestinian villages Destroyed during 1947-1949; Al-Assar chose to redesign the village of Tantura, Haifa.

A set of experts from England, Germany, Ireland, and Arab countries made up the contest, where three Palestinian universities have participated:  Al-Najah National University, Birzeit, and IUG. In coordination with other universities, the contestants were asked to present a conception of re-planning one of the Palestinian villages.

Dr. Sohair Ammar, Coordinator of IUG contestants, expressed her appreciation on the remarkable notion of the contest, for it beefs up participants' affiliation, and everyone interested in the contest. She pointed out that holding such contests stresses on the existence of Palestine and the Palestinian rights to return to our occupied and devastated villages.

People in charge of the contest have appraised Gazans' participation despite the hard times they live in. Winners, through their designs, aimed to preserve the Palestinian heritage and assert the Palestinian territory identity.

The contest took a full academic year, starting from 2016Nov to 2017Agu, in which scholarship to Italy specializing in reconstructing cities given to Winners as a reward, additionally to financial awards.

It is noteworthy that the project's second phase will include designs for reconstructing (100) Palestinian villages each year until the sixth year of contest's launching; as planned, 600 Palestinian villages will have been designed in six years.