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IUG President receives a Delegation from Consulate General of France- Jerusalem

  • 08.27.2017

In a productive meeting with a delegation of Consulate General of France in Jerusalem, Prof. Nasser Farahat, the Head of the Islamic University, had praised the fruitful relations that IUG planted with large group of worldwide institutions. He stressed on the high quality of partnership agreements with French Universities in various fields, adding that the scientific research and high studies have their pivotal role in broaden work on specializations scientific and humanitarian.

It is noteworthy that the Delegation consisted of Mr. Pastin Prone, French Vice Consul, Mr. Olivier Dufour, Attaché of University and Institutional Cooperation - Jerusalem; and Mr. Laura Cloze, Deputy Consul at the French Consulate-Jerusalem

Encouraging research work

Prof. Mazen Hanya welcomed the Consulate delegation, and pointed out to the importance of Al-Maqdise program in providing support and fund to Palestinian researchers, in a way enables them to accomplish scientific researches and publish them in international magazines. He indicated on the necessity of encouraging co-researching between IUG researchers and their peers in France.


The visit was to update the delegation with funding projects' advance for both Prof. Fadel El-Sharif and Prof. Adnan El-Hindi that included in Al-Maqdise program.   Where the delegation had the chance to look through achievements of both prof. El-Sharif project entitled of "Finding Genes Contributing to the Risk of Recurrent Miscarriage" with cooperation of Coaching Institute in France, and Prof. El-Hindi project entitled of "Assessment of Parasitological Water Quality from Kitchen and Desalination Plants Filters in Gaza Strip" with cooperation of Laboratoire de Parasitologie Mycologie.

The delegation discussed the projects' obstacles so that they can give a helping hand in order to guarantee that academic researches will be implemented very well. This comes alongside with seeking excellent opportunities to develop the project with which can support remarkable academic researches in Palestine.

The delegation met Dr. Waleed El-Modalel, The Head of Economy and Political Science Department, Faculty of Commerce. They both searched for possibility to develop partnership between French institutions in field of Political science and IUG researchers. A pile of ideas put on the table for the sake of accomplishing future cooperation at levels of students and Academic staff.