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IUG Ranked First University in Gaza & Third in Palestine

  • 07.30.2017
The Islamic University of Gaza- IUG occupied an advanced rank among the best Palestinian universities according to Webometrics Ranking web of Universities, July 2017 Edition. IUG advanced 17 ranks at the international level, and maintained the first rank in Gaza Strip and the third in Palestine. It also occupied the 54th rank among (988) universities included from the all over the Arab World.

IUG President, Prof. Adel Awadallah, praised the constructive role played by IUG family to maintain its leading position and to keep serving active and positive role in society development.

IUG President also promised that the university would keep chasing excellence and innovation for the sake of serving students in Palestine and particularly in Gaza. He also mentioned that IUG has made enormous contributions in turning scientific research into a daily activity practiced at IUG.  

Furthermore, IUG attained a high rank in other international rankings based on its websites content and sustainability levels in 2012, 2013, and 2014. IUG also got the first rank in Gaza, and the third in Palestine according to U.S News and World Report, which is interested in the educational performance of the world universities.

It is worth mentioning that Webometrics is the biggest system worldwide to measure the academic performance of the world universities since it includes (25,000) universities from all over the world. 

Regarding the indicators of Webometrics system, it takes into account the volume of research activities of universities as published on its website. It looks specifically at three indicators: the number of researches published electronically on the website of a university, the visibility of the university website, and the number of rich files, which have a good impact upon the visitors.