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IUG and Gateway For Outsourcing Information Technology Sign Memorandum of Understanding

  • 04.22.2017

IUG and Gateway For Outsourcing Information Technology have Signed  a memorandum of understanding. According to this memorandum, The Gateway holds the responsibility for offering  temporary employment and learning environment for recent graduates enhancing their unique IT skills. In addition, it will work on the implementation of ICT Freelancing Empowerment Training Activity and the promotional Workshops activity for Youth Empowerment through Online Freelancing. Gate way for Outsourcing Information Technology is also responsible for allocating 30 participants quota to the partner university in addition to organizing and arranging for the promotional workshops and providing the events needs.

On the other hand, IUG is responsible for nominating a faculty member to be the contact point during the implementation of the project and providing computer labs to be used during the training courses. It will also provide a conference hall suitable for at least 50 participants with good internet connection to conduct the 3 hours promotional workshops. Moreover, IUG will work on encouraging its students to participate in the workshops held by the Gateway.