Project Title  
Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in Palestinian Higher Education / ROMOR(2016-2019)
English for Academic Study Telecollaboration (EAST2)
Researching Multilingually at the Boarders of Language, the Body, Law, and the state
Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions (BERC)
Middle East Research and Innovation Dialogue ' MERID'
Intercultural Exchange For Internationalization-PHOENIX
Boosting Innovation in Curricula Development of IT Programs in Palestine (BIT-PAL).
Novel Generations of Anti-Infectious Heterocyclic Compounds: QSAR, Docking Studies, Syntheses and Characterization of Hybrid Pyrimido-Tetrazine Series(2017-2019)
Invitiative to develop pedagogical Practices in palestinian Higher Education
Avempace III
Increasing the Conformance of Academia Towards Rehabilitation Engineering (i-CARE)(2017-2020)
Avempace II
Improving University Governance at Palestinian Universities- UniGov
E-Academy to support Smart Cities in Palestine(eSCO)(2017-2020)