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IUG won a project for Capacity Building in WASH and CSA Education in Palestine

  • 07.23.2019

IUG won a project entitled " Capacity Building in WASH and The CSA Education in Palestine" funded by the Dutch organization for internationalization in education (Nuffic) and through the Orange Knowledge Program (OKP) which aims to contribute to a society’s sustainable and inclusive development by offering access to education and training to professionals and organization.

The project, which will be implemented for three years through faculty of Engineering, aims at strengthening education and research in Water, specifically efficient water management for climate smart agriculture (CSA) and improved access to water and sanitation (WASH) through good governance and sound technical management.

The project Palestinian consortium consists of 9 Palestinian universities in the West Bank and Gaza, which are: Al-Najah University, the Islamic University of Gaza, Al-Quds University, Birzeit University, Hebron University, Al-Azhar University in Gaza and Arab American University, Palestine Technical University-Khadouri, Palestine Polytechnic University. Moreover, these Palestinian universities will work together with the rich Dutch consortium, which consists of five Dutch universities: Twente University, Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University, the Free University of Amsterdam and the Delft Institute for Water Education,

The Dutch partners will share the knowledge and experience in curriculum development and research development, focusing on Especially in this project to establish a model of internship and entrepreneurship projects to enhance the chances of female students on their way to successful work.

The project mainly involves upgrading and developing the capacities of partner universities through four interrelated dimensions, including: First, education, training and applied research to meet the needs of the labor market in the area of water and sanitation (WASH)and Smart Agriculture Climate (CSA). Second, joint applied research projects to motivate Palestinian researchers to work with their Dutch counterparts through funding joint research projects. In addition to networking and cooperation from a wide range of stakeholders, taking into account the social diversity and inclusiveness of partner universities in all components of the project.

The project is based on the experiences of the multi-year programs funded by the Netherlands, such as PADUCO and NICHE, which are in line with the Dutch strategic development plans and which seek to enhance the access of the Palestinian people to water and adequate water and sanitation services in a fair and secure manner.