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IUG signs cooperation agreements with three International Universities

  • 12.13.2018

Believing in the significance of partnerships, IUG has signed number of agreements with three universities in Turkey, Malaysia, Portugal.

With Turkey, Islamic University signed a cooperative agreement with Karabuk University to facilitate academic and administrative mobility between both universities as a part of Mevlana Exchange Programme. Another memorandum of understanding was signed with the same university to boost joint research and academic programmes through undertaking multiple joint activities: joint application for research projects, mobilization of students and staff, supervising MA students, organizing joint workshops and conferences.

 In terms of Malaysian partnerships, a memorandum of understanding was signed with University of Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) to widen channels of cooperation in different fields: mobility of researchers and students, development of joint-academic curricula programmes, cooperation in scientific research, construction of joint research centers, holding cultural and academic activities.

As an output of the mobility project (JAMIES)- which includes cooperation with five Portuguese  Universities-, IUG signed a cooperative agreement with one of the five partner universities,  University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro-UTAD. The agreement also strengthens the framework of academic and research cooperation through facilitation of students and researchers mobility, organization of joint conferences and scientific meetings, joint application for international projects and research. 

Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen, the Director of External Affairs, pointed out that the signature of such agreements plays dynamic role in raising the university position in the international, regional, and local level. Such cooperation allows Islamic University to exchange faculty and students with international universities and expands its affiliation with global university associations.

It's noteworthy that the Islamic University has partnerships with more than (100) international institutions worldwide.