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The Deputy Regional Director of ILO visits IUG and commends its concern about the special needs groups.

  • 03.13.2018

      Prof. Nasser Ismail Farahat, President of the Islamic University in Gaza, welcomed a delegation from the International Labor Organization (ILO) headed by Mr. Frank Hagman, Deputy Regional Director of ILO and Director of the Decent Work Team for Technical Support of Arab Countries. The meeting was attended by Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen, Dean of Foreign Affairs, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Gharrah, Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, and Dr. Saeed Al-Nimrouti, Director of Public Relations and Conference Center.

      The visit aimed at identifying the visitors at the programs and projects of IUG in general and the projects linking the university with ILO in particular. In addition, it gave information about the university's relations with its graduates and the extent of connecting them to the labor market, and enhancing cooperation and partnership between the two parties to reduce their unemployment rates.

      Prof. Farahat, in his turn, talked with Mr. Hagman and his accompanying delegation about the establishment of the higher education institutions in Palestine in general and IUG in particular. He also discussed the status of education in the Gaza Strip generally and IUG particularly. Furthermore, he discussed the services provided by the university to its graduates in cooperation with external parties within the temporary employment programs.

      Dr. Farahat pointed to the concerns of the university to serve the socially marginalized groups of deaf, blind, and disabled people from "Irada" program. He stressed that IUG is one of the first Palestinian universities that provides students with the best educational methods and tools. For example, it provides them with academic and administrative staff in addition to opening the Disability Services Center since 2000, which was the first of its kind at the Palestinian universities level at that time.

      For his part, Mr. Hghman praised the educational and professional service level provided by IUG for the people with special needs appreciating its constant efforts to improve the educational level of the deaf, blind, and disabled groups. Moreover, he said, "The Islamic University is one of the most important Palestinian universities in terms of providing academic programs and teaching staff and establishing centers that meet their needs. "

     Mr. Hghman expressed his admiration for the remarkable projects, hosted by the Business and Technology Incubator, and the products and workshops of Irada program, as well as the services provided by the Disability Services Center for its members.

      For his part, Prof. Mohaisen explained that the visit aimed at familiarizing them with the programs offered by IUG that reduce the unemployment level and upgrade the graduates' capabilities so that their chances of getting work inside and outside the Gaza Strip will increase. Also, he mentioned that the visit will follow the tasks carried out by various institutions, including universities, in terms of reducing unemployment rates and creating job opportunities for graduates.

      The delegation toured the Disability Services Center, Irada Program for Rehabilitation and Vocational Training for people with Disabilities, and learned about the nature of the programs and projects offered by IUG for those groups. In addition, they visited the Business and Technology Incubator and the Graduate Affairs Department.