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The Director of the DAAD Information Centre in East Jerusalem Visits IUG

  • 03.13.2018

      Prof. Farahat, the president of the Islamic University of Gaza welcomed Ms. Christina Stahlbock, the director of DAAD Office in Jerusalem.  The meeting was attended by Prof.  Ahmed Muhaisen, director of External affairs, Mrs. Amani Al-Mqadma, head of the international relations department, Prof. Samir Afifi and Mr. Rami Rahmi.

Prof. Farhat appreciated the role of The DAAD German Institution in supporting the education of graduates and staff working in the Palestinian universities. Additionally, Ms. Christina talked about the depth of the cooperation between the two institutions through the annual visits. She also discussed the outcomes of last year grant indicating that IUG had the highest number of total employment opportunities obtained in the Gaza Strip.

In the same context, Ms. Christina held an introductory workshop leading a detailed presentation about the various programs provided by the institution including Master, Ph.D, and graduate programs on development, for the students interested.

She explained the conditions of applying to the grants in both of Jordan and Germany emphasizing the importance of obtaining a certificate of English language proficiency (IELTS) with at least 6.5 to get a Master or Ph.D scholarship. Also, she pointed out that the student's GPA should not be less than (80%), and the student should not have his last degree obtained more than six years ago by the end of applications. Moreover, she noted the need to begin preparing the necessary documents in which the deadline for receipting the applications is the first of September.

      Regarding the EPOS program sponsored by the DAAD Foundation, she said that it can be directly applied online in which the application dates differ according to the programs and the specializations. She emphasized that the requirements of this program grants are the same as the other DAADs' except that the applicant must have at least two years of practical experience in the field. Finally, she talked about the practical steps required to apply for the grant confirming that since this year, hard copies of the application shouldn’t be electronically submitted to the DAAD office in Jerusalem except the recommendations letters.