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IUG Implemens Project For Universities Internationalization

  • 02.16.2018

In the context of implementing (TAM) activities,  IUG held an information workshop on the project  " Internationalization Of Universities In Education Field: Research and Teaching" in coordination with Erasmus+ office.

The project aim is to identify the main aspects of the internationalization strategies in accordance with the joint European framework,  guiding participants to the safe zone that help them develop the internationalization prospects of Higher education institutions, as well. 

IUG represented by Prof. Salem Hellis, Vice-president for Administrating Affairs, Prof. Ahmed Mohaisen, Dean of Foreign affairs, Prof.  Ayman Saqa, Assistant of Vice-president for Academic Affairs, and Prof. Wisam Ashour,  Vice-dean for Foreign Affairs has received the workshop's  guest Dr. Tony Mahon, an expert of international development at the University of Canterbury.

In the framework of the project activities, Dr. Mahon headed two workshops attended by representatives of higher administrations from all Gaza universities. The momentum of the first day centered on the foundations and benefits of HEI internationalization. It also spotted lights on the critical phases followed to design the internationalization plan of universities and faculties. Whereas, the second day encompassed methods and strategies for internationalizing curricula in the university and personal level.

Dr. Mahon expressed his gratitude and pleasure over participating in this unique and precious visit to IUG, claiming that it will leave tangible impacts on university internationalization field.