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Head of Turkish Governmental Grants Visits IUG

  • 04.23.2017

Within the Turkish delegation of TIKA Institution, Mr.Mehmed Cletch, Head of Turkish Governmental Grants, has visited IUG. He was hosted by Prof. Nassr Addin Al- Mzaini, Head of IUG Trustees Board, Prof. Adel Awadallah, IUG President, and Dr. Mosher Amer, Head of Public Relations Department.

For his part, Mr. Cletch expressed his happiness of IUG academic excellence, and described it as a distinguished University in the academic, scientific and  research field contributing in building the distinguished Palestinian society.

Prof. Al- Mzaini welcomed the delegation and talked about the problems of the graduates and the challenges facing the Palestinian universities in light of the continuous siege and closure in Gaza Strip. He also expressed IUG's Willingness to simplify the challenges facing the students and implementing the projects an programs helping to develop the society. Prof. Al- Mzaini also confirmed the importance of having academic exchange opportunities between IUG and the Turkish universities.

On the other hand, Prof. Awad Allah thanked the Turkish institutions for its support for the Palesinian Society in general and IUG in particular. He also said that the support they provide encourage students to join higher education institutions and meet their needs.

Mr. Cletch also visited IUG museum which shows the historical stages of the university, and he visited the exhibition of the second week of the scientific research held by scientific research affairs.