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IUG President hosts the First Secretary of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands

  • 03.26.2017

Prof. Adel Awadallah, IUG President, hosts Mr. Winand Marshall, First Secretary of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority, in his office.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri, Vice President for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Saeed Al Ghura, Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, and Dr. Mosher Amer, Director of Public Relations.

Prof. Adel Awadallah spoke with Mr. Marshall about the emergence of the Islamic University, its achievements, and its faculties. Moreover, he highlights some of the academic programs such as the PhD, BA, Higher Diploma, Specialized Vocational Diploma, in addition to the academic and community service the university provides for students and society.

On the other hand, Mr. Marshall praised the level of services the Islamic University provided for students and society. He, also expressed his admiration of how the Islamic University is pursuing to strengthen its relations as well as the programs and projects the University embraces.

Mr. Marshall was given a tour of the University Museum and Arada building for vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities. During his tour, he met a number of deaf students, studying at IUG