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IUG Wins Project Financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

  • 04.03.2017

In partnership with University of Tampere in Finland, IUG has won in a project entitled" Initiative to Develop Pedagogical Practices in Palestinian Higher Education- (eToT- ID3PHE)", which is funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland through International Development Cooperation Programme for Higher Education HEI-ICI to support cooperation projects between higher education institutions in Finland and the developing world .

The project was prepared by a team of specialists in IUG including Dr. Nazmi Al- Masri ,Vice President for External Affairs, Eng. Amani Al- Maqadma, Head of External Relations Department, in corporation with Eng. Tahani Foura, IUG Graduate  and scholar for Studying Ph.D. in University of  Tampere  in addition to a group of specialists from University of Tempera, which is the main coordinator of this project.

The project, which will be implemented for 3 years, from April, 2017 till the end of March, 2020, aims at enhancing the quality of education, learning, evaluation and using modern techniques in the Palestinian Higher education institutions, which will  help to form an academic staff with high efficiency through improving the pedagogical competences and teaching capacity for IUG academic staff. After this, IUG will sign 3 cooperation agreements with different Palestinian universities to enhance  the excellence and quality of  teaching and academic evaluation.

By transferring distinguished pedagogical competences from Finland, which is characterized by one of the best educational systems all over the world, the project is expected to achieve many outputs including, implementing a training program for IUG faculty members containing 6 topics related to the skills that have the priority to be used in university teaching such as, using modern techniques and ways in university teaching and evaluation, identifying standards and techniques of academic evaluation based on the Finnish model in addition to making researches in corporation with Finnish researchers in 4 international conferences. The project will contribute to strengthening the international dimension of IUG via setting up new agenda for collaboration with UTA. This collaboration will enhance IUG chances in opening new international relations funded by different international actors who are interested in the field of academic teaching.

This project comes as a result of IUG successful relations with more than 120 European university including University if Tempera and within ERUSMUS MUNDUS and ERUSMUS+ projects and many research projects.