Project Title  
British Council: Education Scholarships For Palestinians-HESPAL (2012-2016)
Qatar Red Crescent :Improving access of deaf and hearing impaired students to higher education in Gaza Strip(2015-2016)
UNRWA: Provision of training in "project management" for ICIP(2014-2016)
British Council: Establishing and sustaining pre-sessional student partnerships across borders(2016-2017)
UNDP: Reinforcing & Supporting the Applied Legal Education for Students of Shair'a & Law Faculty (Legal Clinic)(2012-2016)
World Bank:Matching Students' Knowledge & Skills To Labor Market Needs (2013-2016)
UNDP: SEED for Start-ups Economic Empowerment & Development(2015-2016)
UNDP: Urgent Support for Needy Graduates Students who can’t Pay Fees to Complete their Graduation Procedures at IUG (2015-2016)
Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC): Postgraduate Diploma for clinical supervision for maternity supervisors(2014-2016)
Welfare Association- Jordan: Entrepreneurs 3 (Supporting Innovative Ideas in the ICT Sector)(2015-2016)
UNESCO + Sida: Restoration of Alkhader tomb - Gaza old city(2016)
AHRC: Idioms of Distress, Resilience and Well-Being: Enhancing understanding about mental health in multilingual contexts (2016-2017)
UNESCO Chair in Refugee in Integration through Languages and the Arts (2017-2020)