About the Programs

Academic partnerships funded programs are type of cooperation initiatives between southern and northern HEIs created by donor who is interested in strengthening southern HEIs and looks for northern HEIs to assist him in this role.

The cooperation programs include:

1-staff development schemes

2-curriculum reform

3- joint research

4-exchanges of staff and students

5-Professional advice

6-Enhancement of teaching & research facilities

The cooperation programs can be classified into two types according to the minimum number of participating countries:

Multilateral programs

The submitted projects' consortium must include partners from more than two countries: i.e.

1-HORIZON 2020



Bilateral programs

The submitted projects' consortium includes partners from two countries: i.e.

1- Leverhulme Trust- UK

2-TWAS – Italy

3-ENVI -France

4- British academy- UK

5-DANIDA -Denmark

6- Al maqdisi-France

7-NORTH-south -south(HEI program) - Finlanda